Roofing Slates

The term roofing slates is a confusing one. Depending on who you ask, they might call materials such as rubber slates, roof slates. This is not exactly right. Roof tiles are also not roof slates. We won’t get in depth on this, but roof slates are mostly made of materials such as stones, concrete or clay.I strongly suggest you to visit roof slates to learn more about this.

This is just the basic of what defines a roof slate. There’s a lot more to it, but let’s cover that some other time. For now, we need to answer the important question and that’s how much would a roofing slates project cost?

What are the costs

Many homeowners would like to know the cost of any project before undertaking in it and that’s okay. Some of the few factors that affect the project are such as the location of the roof, the labor costs and the costs of the material to name but a few. Despite all this, roofing slates are a profitable investment, we say this because of the pros they offer. Let’s have a look at some of them


– They are beautiful

If you have ever seen roof slates, then you’ll definitely agree with us. Roof slates are beautiful and that’s what they are praised for. It has a very classy appearance to it for a lack of better words. In addition to that, it comes in varying colors and sizes just adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the material.

– They are durable

Roofing slates are known for their longevity. How long you ask? It’s reasonable to expect your roof to last over 50 years. This is because it’s made of natural material which lasts much longer than other man-made alternatives. In addition, the slates are noncombustible, meaning they can’t catch fire. If that’s not enough, they are resistant to the effects of the elements such as weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Placing all this in consideration, you can see how great slates are because they are very low maintenance.

– It increases your home resale value

The home resale value for houses with roof slates normally increases due to a few reasons. First, being the aesthetic appeal of the roof. The house looks better and makes it easier to up the value. In addition, it’s a durable and more permanent addition to the house, which makes your home more valuable if you ever decide to sell it.